I Love You So Much Quote

I Love You So Much Quote –

Love is in the air, with Valentines’ day approaching with a super fast momentum. The month of February is stuffed with a mushy feel of romance and love and the entire feel is uplifted by the pleasant environmental ambience. Even those who are single or suddenly single and are not in a good mood to mingle, hunt for a partner on this very month, to celebrate love. Love is an eternal feel, a relationship which is created by you only you, not by any biological or professional means. Since it is a self made and self chosen relation, we become very protective and possessive about it and try our level best to woo our partner in various ways. Wooing on Valentine’s Day is a special act of being in love, a Valentine with out a gift is like a heat without blood.

Why “I Love you so much quotes”?

Gifts are special merchandise, which act as a symbol of love affection and appreciation. On this love month, stores are flooded with numerous gifts, starting from heart pendent, to red rose bouquets, to heart shaped chocolates to dresses to teddies and many more. Each gift is equally precious, and cannot be judged via its price. But all these gifts are store made and have a polished marketing touch. Anything personal and creative can have a huge impact as compared to that costly eye bobbling merchandise. So here lies the importance of “I Love you so much quotes”. Small quotes written over the gift pack or over the greetings card can unfold millions of unuttered words. This small brain effort can melt even the toughest heart.

Where to apply “I Love you so much quotes”?

Start your V-day via texting “I Love you so much quotes” and string the initial thread of love, via mobile power. You can also attach special love quotes over the gift rape or on a small card. Remember the power of pen can scratch open the strongest feelings. The entire scenario of sharing your personal bespoke I Love you so much quotes will be more sugary if you slowly whisper those self made one liner slowly and huskily onto the ears of your loved ones during your V-day date, just when you biding the final goodbye.

How to create “I Love you so much quotes”

Quotes are very personal, like something you feel and nurture for your better half, so it is recommended to pen down those quotes by yourself. Yes, you are not a professional poet or a music lyricist, but you too have an artistic corner so awake that hidden side of yours. It need not be studded with rich vocabularies or something rhythmic, you can also use latest trendy words. The moral is, make it just like yourself, like you are speaking your heart out. And always remember, not to try hard or make it too long, as quotes are not poem.

Ending tips

Why should boys always take the paining of struggling too hard to woo their girl-friends? If you are a girl, then stop acting as a feminist and pick up your pen and encrypt your feelings. Girls have a natural blessing of being caring, so love quotes are by birth their core domain, all you just need to do is shape it up. If you are still going blank over your pens then take help from internet and search for “I Love you so much quotes”. Spot the most appropriate one and edit it accordingly.


Romantic love quotes

Romantic love quotes

Romantic love quotes –

Have ever been in love? Well, love makes you swoon, it inspires beautiful gestures and also makes someone do things that other people might think you are crazy. But if you have never been in love then it can be hard for you to understand. Love is always a two way thing when it comes to a relationship. Do you remember Romeo and Juliet? Those were two people in love who couldn’t bare the fact that anything could separate them. In a relationship every partner needs to feels special and it’s always the right thing for each couple to play his or her part to keep the love burning. Sending some romantic love quotes to your love partner can show how special he or she is in your life. Do you want to know the kind of love quotes that can drive him or her crazy? Well, here are top 10 romantic love quotes that will work out for you.

  1. I have always known that my feelings for you are real, because I no longer have time to think about myself but you alone.
  2. People say that when you miss someone, they are doing the same, but that’s not the case with me, because it’s impossible to miss me the way I miss you always.
  3. No matter what am doing or thinking, there is no single day or time I have stopped loving you.
  4. I can never say how special you are to me or how much I like you but all I can say is that ma heart is always in love with you when am around you. I love you.
  5. My love for you is unconditional and I can’t keep it a secret because each day I feel perfectly happy, thanks for being the reason I have a smile each day.
  6. Just like my heart needs to have a beat, our love is unbreakable and I don’t want to lose you in my life because I love you.
  7. The only times I want to be with you are two, now and always forever in my life
  8. I don’t love you because of your looks, clothes or that fancy car you drive, but because you sing a song that I can only hear.
  9. One thing is for sure, you can’t love and part, you can ignore love, transmute it, but you can’t take love out of you. The poets are always right, love is always eternal.
  10. When you are in love, you don’t expect to get, but give all that you have, which is everything in this life.


Nothing beats the feeling of love, and according to love specialists love is like a rose, you have to nature it for it to grow. Make your love grow by sending romantic love quotes that special someone, be it in the middle of the night or during the day it doesn’t matter, all you have to do is show affection and love. These are top 10 of the best romantic love quotes that will bond your love life forever, so why don’t you show love by making you partner feel special.

Quotes about love

Quotes about love

Quotes about love – Although the quote is a bit dated (“telephone booth”), the sentiment is, I believe, timeless. We’ve seen the evidence. For example, before that 9/11 plane was crashed into a field when people did know that they were likely to die, passengers with cell phones were calling loved ones all over the country.

Mostly, and fortunately, we are not going to experience sudden death.

Mostly, and unfortunately, we are also not typically in the habit of routinely expressing our love for the people about whom we care the most.

Here are five reminders of when to say, “I love you”.

  1. The most obvious one – in times of extreme danger or terminal illness. This is the one where you’re running out of time to do and say the important things. This is the case where you do it now or loses the chance to do it ever. In this kind of situation you know with confidence or certainty that you will not have another opportunity. Reticence, shyness, inhibition, or habit need to give way to the reality of limited time.
  2. When you are about to part for a lengthy separation — Your last words to your loved one before a long time apart will carry the weight, in his or her thoughts, of the decency effect. Memory most accurately and vividly retains the last thing heard. The last words that you say before you part are the words that will be the most memorable by your loved one. Do you want those quotes about love to be something like, “Don’t forget to mow the grass”? Or would you prefer your partner be able to carry the warmth and assurance of words of love and caring, like, “I love you” or “I’ll miss you”?
  3. When a loved one’s anxiety is high, or their confidence is low – You may not be able to ensure a successful or favorable outcome, but expressions of love and caring at such times can help to balance the discomfort, pain, or fear of the circumstances. Those expressions of love and caring act as a protective shield or comforting balm that provides comfort and security even when you can’t protect your loved one from some unpleasant reality. Hearing that you’re loved won’t necessarily make bad outcomes okay, but it always makes them better.
  4. When you wake up in the morning – every day is improved, both for the sender and for the receiver, when it begins with an expression of love. It is so natural to focus first on the demands and stressors of the day ahead. It fundamentally realigns your thinking and your feelings when you intentionally start your day with a connection to and an expression of love. Choose to start your day with quotes about love.
  5. When you go to bed at night – whatever else may have happened during the day, if you ended your day with someone to love you’re a fortunate person. We know that gratitude is directly related to happiness and well-being. What is more valuable for which to be grateful than having someone in your life whom you love? For many people going to bed is the time when they review the events of the day past or prepare for the events of the day to come. While that kind of housekeeping may be useful, it does nothing to bring you closer to your loved one. Make your last acts of the day the expression of and gratitude for love.


Love Quotes For Her From Him

Love Quotes For Her From Him

Feelings are best expressed through few wise words. They do not have to be vocabularies. A simple love letter speaks to the innermost part of the mind of a receiver and fills her/him with butterflies in the stomach. Some people can hardly express their love feelings through spoken words but would quickly pour down their deepest feelings through a love letter or love poetry.

Are you out there looking for a romantic way to express affection for your girlfriend? A very cheap and the useful idea is to utilize prudently chosen love quotes for her from him. Rather than just emailing the quotes to your sweetheart, a more efficient way is to feature your quote in a card.

Read on for three tips that will help you get the most out of your chosen love quote for your card:

  1. Bear in mind the occasion. If it is for romantic occasions, choose something heart-melting and preferably complimenting her. A fantastic example: “It’s not who you mean to the world, it’s who you mean to me. ~ Author Unknown

Let’s say you know she has been feeling down lately, and you want to cheer her up, choose a light-hearted and funny quote. An example: “You haven’t lost your smile at all, it’s right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.” ~ Author Unknown

You do not have to wait for special occasions, and it is always wonderful to receive a Just Because card with a beautiful quote that will help you chalk up bonus points. For example: “When I look into your eyes, it’s like falling in love all over again.” ~ Amanda Arco

  1. One quote per card, please. It can be tempting to plonk down a bunch of quotes for your girlfriend. But one highlighted quote could catch her attention much more, and it would speak more loudly than a string of quotes.

You can write out the quote in your handwriting which is more endearing. If you are feeling creative, you can type out the quote in a nice font and then print it out to paste on the card.

  1. Play with the element of surprise. Buy or handmade the card, write your handpicked quote on it and then snail mail it to her. People love getting personal mail in the letter box as not many people take the time to do that these days. Furthermore, it is much more exciting than receiving an ecard which she cannot physically hold it in her hands.

A love quote for her from him has the capability of unlocking all the doors of intense passion and unleash all the potential to love. It is an open secret to everyone that a hand-written letter has a way of creating a soft spot for someone. To keep the fire burning in romantic relationships, it is always wise to employ love poetry in your love techniques. It works efficiently as the extra effort is appreciated. A little simplicity goes a long way. It is a clear indication that someone took time to think about you.

The act of taking the time to get her a card, spending the time to search for a love quote especially for her and writing it out on the card, and then posting it off to her speaks volumes of your affection for her. She will be mighty pleased.

I Love You Quotes

I Love You Quotes – Love is something which cannot be defined in words. It is the feeling of a strong emotional bond between two people. The sense of love can be express in no better way except Sweet love quotes. The feeling of love itself is the best, friendly and the most beautiful in this whole world. It must be stated that almost all I love you quotes sounds great when a person is in a relationship and want to make their relationship for long and loud. Sweet love quotes are the expression of heart, and it is wonderful to be expressed for any event.

Men and women globally do fall in love, falling out of or even suffering in love. I love you quotes will assist you to show your deepest feelings, during those times when words just usually flow in and out of you.

It’s like regardless of how much you try to be able paraphrase, the words just don’t turn out correct. And you are stuck and also could not write any other word.

You may very well not be born a writer or perhaps a poet, but you have the ability and capability to choose an appropriate love quote that speaks your heart out, and expresses what is in your concerns and heart.

Throughout the instances where words fail an individual, let I love you quotes give a helping hand. Let quotes allow you to display out your thoughts beautifully in writing.

We must enjoy the every movement of life. Every happy move is life’s beauty. If you are happy, then your life becomes more and more beautiful. Whether it’s your anniversary cards, Valentines Day time cards, your romantic love-letters or caring mails, you should not be worried of what to state or write. Pour out your quotes watching how the appropriate quote brings letter, card or message.

Famous Quotes For Him:

Love quotes are cradles to your couple who live miles from each other. It gives them hope as well as the promise of staying faithful to one another. It helps them go through the day, with the thought they would one day be collectively again. It inspires and motivates them to fight and make the long-distance relationship work.

I love you quotes are known to create that smile to a family member. With the sweet and intimate thoughts of famous love estimates, our dear ones will surely show a smile on the face upon reading these views.

Interesting Quotes For Him:

Precisely, why Use Quotes and Sayings Apart from spicing up your life, quotes and sayings might help your relationship grow. You can find various kinds of I love you quotes and sayings on your beloved, such as funny, relatively sweet, cute and humorous, online. Additionally, if you keep sending the same quotes to the one you love, they just might find that boring and frustrating.

Conclusively, a love quote is so perfect for those people who make us happy and are the delightful gardeners who make our souls blossoms.

Long Love Quotes For Her

Long Love Quotes For Her – Do you just play with words to capture the attention of the girl you love? What if you could express this feeling of love for her and have her love you back? You could try long love quotes for her to awaken the sense of love in her and get her to love you
Below is a collection of long love quotes for her that will ensure that you help her understand what love is, how it feels when in love and consequently assist in strengthening her love for you. They are as follows;
Love can be said to be like a rubber band, such that when someone lets go one end of the rubber band, it certainly hurts the one who held on.
Love is same as a cycle, in that when you love someone you always get hurt and when you get hurt, you certainly hate and try to forget, but when you try to forget you again start to miss and eventually you fall in love all again.
I have finally understood the real meaning of love; love means that you care for another person happiness and well-being more than you care for your own, no matter how hard and painful the choices you will face or make might be
Falling in love with you is just like falling off a cliff or jumping off from a tall building. Your brain persuades and tells you that jumping off is not a good idea, but the heart insists on telling you that you can fly.
Everyone seems to say that true love hurts, but this is simply not the case, what hurts is loneliness, rejection and losing someone you truly love. However, it seems that everyone is mixed up in the understanding these things and real love. True love is the only thing in the world that covers up all the pain, and we feel wholly again, I love you.
Sweetheart, love me without fear, trust me without any doubts, love me without limits and restrictions, want me without demand and accept me for whom I am.
We fall in love not simply by finding the perfect person in our lives but by learning to see that imperfect person perfectly.
For the first time I saw you, I knew I had fallen in love with you and you could see that in my eyes and you smiled because you knew that you could not resist the feeling of loving and being loved.
Love is naturally patient, not jealous, it is neither arrogant or rude, it is not resentful or irritable, love does not rejoice at wrong, but love true love rejoices for the right and bears all things, hopes for all things, and believes all things
I love you simply not only for who you are but also for the person I am when I am with you and it rather that I would have one breath of your hair, one touch of your hand, and one kiss on your lips rather than living an eternity without you.
For every truth beauty and truth, there is an eye and an ear somewhere to see the beauty and hear the truth, the same case for every love there is a single heart somewhere to receive it and also reciprocate it.
The moment you realize that you want to spend the entire rest of your life with somebody special, then it is like you simply want the rest of your entire life to start immediately as possible.

Cute Sayings For Her

Cute Sayings For Her

I often hear words “actions speak louder than words”. Nonetheless, this might not always be the case especially when it comes to a romantic life. You need to have cute sayings for her. Indeed, your girlfriend expects you to show her your sweet and caring side by sending cute sayings for her. That is, she also expects you to express the same actions using cute sayings for her. Telling your girlfriend that you love her is one of the best ways of expressing your emotions. That is why you should have cute sayings for her. Expressing your feelings in a love relationship is an important thing because it brings lovers closer. Romantic expressions also increase intimacy in a relationship.

However, sometimes, your words should go beyond the three words; “I love you”. Indeed, many people have used these words to speak out their love to the extent of the words becoming a mere expression.

Therefore, you should look for cute sayings to express your love to her. Here are several cute sayings for her.

Last night I looked at the stars and matched each of them with a genuine reason I love you. Indeed, it went great until I ran out of stars.

Last night I sent three angels to guard you as you slept. However, the angels returned to me, and when I asked them why they returned, they told me that angels do not need to watch over angels.

cute sayings for her

My life without you dear is like a broken pencil, which is pointless thus useless.


I believe that I can conquer the whole world with a single hand so long as you are holding the other.


I think God was showing off when He created you, my love.


You deserve the world. However, since I cannot afford that for you, I will give you the next most valuable thing, my world.


I will always tell you that I love you so much because you never know; a night might come, and one of us will end up in a hospital. Therefore, I want the last feeling you feel to be of me loving you.

My love, you are a thief because you stole my heart the first time I met you.


I will love you F.O.R.E.V.E.R but no R because that will be the end of forever.


If love was a cup of tea, our love would be a mocha latte – hot, sweet, and full of pep.


I long for you just like a drowning person longs for air. It will kill me to have you just a little longer.


You have made me realize that Beatles was wrong. Love is not all people need, but the only thing there is.


Every time I think about you baby, I just fall in love with you all over again.


I would rather be in hell with you my love than be in heaven without you.


Even if I lose my life today, I will be happy because I have spent time with you my love.


Your love is what gives me the energy to keep going every day.


We are a perfect match made in heaven; I love you